What is Pilates?

Pilates is method of conditioning the body through resistance-controlled exercises that strengthen and stretch the muscles, open the joints, and release tension throughout the body. The Focus of Pilates is on abdominal control through the use of breath and on pelvic stabilization. By centering around the abdomen, Pilates strengthens the muscles in the back, hips, and stomach to support the spine.

Why is Pilates so Popular?

Pilates focuses on engaging the mind with the body to create exercises that involve the whole body. Every exercise is performed with attention to the breath, proper form and efficient movement patterns. Pilates strengthens the core, improves balance, increases coordination and decreases stress. The exercises are relatively safe, low impact and appropriate for anyone from 10 to 100. Pilates focuses on learning to move better so that the benefits are felt in everyday life.

What are the goals of Pilates

...increase flexibility
...increase strength and muscle tone
...increases endurance
...improves coordination
...improves posture
...produces lean physique
...develops proper body alignment and muscular balance
...enhances overall health


Who can benefit from Pilates?
Everyone!  But especially those who have:

...osteoarthritis              ...osteoporosis           …low back pain
...sciatica                       ...fibromyalgia             ...scoliosis
...pregnant women      ...wellness clients

...cervical and/or shoulder blade pain or problems

Pilates can be adapted to people of every age and level of fitness.

We do private training with wellness clients as well as physical therapy using Pilates with injured population (most insurance accepted with Doctor Referral).