What makes us different?

Though many workout methods developed over the years borrow some of their principles from Pilates,  true Pilates as it is practiced at Pilates Bodies takes a holistic approach.  We focus on the details of movement and consider the balance of the whole person. 

Our small class sizes and extensive training allow us to develop high quality programs tailored to meet unique and specific needs of each client who walks through our door.

At its core, Pilates addresses strength and flexibility to improve posture, balance, and coordination. The practice of Pilates has evolved over the years. In addition to traditional mat exercises, we employ the use of specialized equipment such as the reformer, chair, barrels, cadillac, and many more.  We are always evolving!  No two workouts at Pilates Bodies are alike.  Each class is selected based on where our clients are on any given day and what their bodies need.

At Pilates Bodies, our workouts are  unlike exercise regimens that involve muscle isolation and overexertion. We welcome people of all ages and those who may have physical limitations. A good Pilates workout is always invigorating and leaves you feeling better than you started.